ABC Corporation 360° Survey

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this year's 360° Survey. We have found that in previous years the 360° Survey has helped managers to do a better job.

Your responses are completely anonymous. Although your comments will be passed on, no one will ever know they came from you.

Thanks again for your participation.


Josiah Peterson, CEO

To begin the survey, please type your password in the box below and press the Start button.


How the 360° Survey Works

This demo has two passwords, 1234 and 1235. Each represents a different user.

Once you log in, you enter a personalized portal page, which has links for each person the user has been asked to evaluate.

With a real survey, your settings (i.e. which ratee surveys have been completed) would be retained when you returned to the survey. Because this is a demo, the settings will only last as long as you remain in the portal or survey. If you log off and start again, you start with a blank slate.